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Vinifer Dutia,
Savory Category Manager at Diana Food.

“Consumers crave for true, immediately recognisable and authentic taste of chicken, giving them a reassuring feeling of home-made and traditional cooking , even if they lack of time to cook themselves. This is this precise feeling of “cooked with time and love” that we all target now in the industry, and we, at Diana Food, render it in our extracts through many different recipes, using traditional culinary processes such as roasting or boiling.”

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An insatiable craving for transparency

Consumers are finding it increasingly hard to trust the food system. What are the consequences on the food industry?

Making changes to rebuild trust

The ingredient lists offered are evolving quickly and consumers are becoming more demanding on the healthiness of the advertised products. What changes can you make to keep up with consumer demands?

The next steps

Discover how Diana Food can help you understand the market and our expertise to improve your products according to keep up with the evolving trends.