Our offer of Health and nutritional ingredients is designed to adapt everyone’s practice of sports from Professional Athletes to common sports’ amateurs, boosting their performances and supporting them throughout their exercises’ routine.

Our insights from sports nutrition’s trends all around the world

Sports Nutrition Turns Mainstream

  • Today, everybody moves! As the medical community repeatedly advice to fight overweight and related diseases by adopting a healthy lifestyle – including daily exercising – sports nutrition is, nowadays, an exploding market! Traditionally consumed by body-builders and professional athletes, sports nutrition products are increasingly targeting a broader group of health-aware consumers looking to maintain an active life-style*. A rapid expansion of demographic base creating opportunities for new positioning strategies and new formats of sports nutrition products.

Convenient and Palatable Formats

  • We want it easy and tasty! People with healthy and active lifestyles prefer products that are both convenient and enjoyable. Therefore, sales of easy-to use, on-the-go performance products like shots, gels, chews, and bars, have increased by 26% in 2013.**

Targeting Specific Needs

  • We want the right product for ourselves. As the consumer base grows, sports nutrition products are becoming increasingly specific in terms of:
    • Consumer targets: women, men runners, cyclists,
    • Consumption time: pre-work-out, effort, post work-out
    • Targeted benefits: muscle strength, weight loss, endurance, performance, hydration, recovery, etc.

Natural and Trusted

  • We want it natural and healthy! Lifestyle users of sports nutrition products bring a new set of preferences to sports nutrition. The use of natural ingredients is more important to them, and overall they seek more nutritionally balanced products. 40% of adults in the UK declare believing that sport nutrition products still contain too many artificial ingredients.***

* Source: Euromonitor 2014 (Note: mainstream sports nutrition products such as sports drinks, energy drinks , or mass market energy/low protein bars are not included here). 
** Nutrikeo - 2016. 
***Mintel Nutrition, Health & Wellness Global Annual Review 2016.

Well-being by nature at the heart of our mission


Diana Food provides a range of Health & Nutritional ingredients adapted to everyone, from professional athletes to lifestyle users, to support them throughout their exercise routine.


The natural taste, texture, and color bring guilt-free pleasure to sports nutrition.


Because our natural and effective health solutions come from raw materials carefully selected every day by our team of agronomists, working closely with seed producers, farmers, and researchers around the world to bring you the best that nature has to offer.

  • Natural booster for endurance and performance
  • Red beetroot juice ingredient
  • Naturally occurring nitric oxide precursors and potassium
  • Supported by scientific literature and systematic review
  • Food grade and clean label
  • Cultivated and processed in France

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Along our health solutions, discover our other products that naturally boost pleasure in your recipes.

Flakes and crunchies provide texture and visual impact to sports foods and smoothies.


A collection of authentic, fresh and intense taste notes through veggie, fruit and meat ingredients available in concentrate, powder & flakes.


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