Diana Food provides a wide range of natural and clean label solutions adapted to all types of beverages liquid or dry, with or without alcohol. Based on carefully selected ingredients, we support your recipes’ formulation by bringing a wide collection of coloring foods, nutritional and health benefits and winning inclusions

Our insights of people preferences for beverages from all around the world




Natural with a clean label and trusted source

Consumers are very conscious when they buy a drink. They tend to go for natural as much as they can and they prefer when the ingredient list is short. It also seems crucial to buy a trusted brand knowing where it is produced and where the ingredients come from. Over the last 5 years, about 25% of all new launches in non-alcoholic beverages showed a natural claim.

Health & Nutrition

Consumers want to feel good from the inside and from the outside without using tablets or medicines and that’s why they are keen on drinking coconut water, pomegranate & cranberry drinking yoghurt and natural juices. The number of new beverages launches in Asia Pacific with a functional claim has increased by 70% over the last 5 years.

Attractive drinks to share with the community

With everyday life habits, when one goes to a coffee shop, they want their Frappuccino to taste and look good! Next thing they do after paying, is taking of photo of the drink and sharing it with their community on Instagram, Facebook, or WeChat! Social media is a key media in Asia Pacific and drinks have to be attractive and innovative.

Value for money and experience

Consumers are ready to pay more for a smoothie if it will give them all the nutrients. It won’t be on a daily basis but they enjoy the experience and the “good-for-me” feel. They are keen on discovering new drinks every now and then (and, of course, sharing it online with family, friends and colleagues!).

Clean label


Clean label

Consumers’ demands for cleanest lists of ingredients have led the industry to adapt. To such an extent that the replacement of color additives by coloring foods in carbonated soft drinks had progressed at a 200% rate since 2011!


As well, people want naturality! Over the last 5 years, about 25% of all new launches in carbonated soft drinks showed a natural claim. And, in 2015, about half of all new juice drinks globally featured a natural claim.


Consumers want green in their drinks! The number of new products using vegetables in juice drinks has increased by 60% globally over the last 5 years.

Emotional Discovery

Consumers are quickly bored and want to be surprised! They are looking for new taste experiences through innovative drinks like non-expected mix of aromatic profiles.



Clean label

Americans and Canadians want it clean! In the past 5 years, the number of products with a clean label trend has grown by 18% in North America. 59% of U.S. consumers agree that “the fewer ingredients a product has, the healthier it is” and 91% of U.S. consumers believe food and beverage options with recognizable ingredients are healthier. The trend is exploding in the natural and organic segment as, by 2020, sales of natural and organic food are expected to represent 14% of total U.S. food sales.

Plant Powered Food

Plant based diets is the “natural” next step of clean label’s trend. Consumers are looking for innovative options to benefit from plants’ effects on their health in their daily lives.

Coloring Foodstuff, off to conquer the West!

North America represents already 30% of the global natural food colors market. The trend of attractiveness for natural colors is getting stronger over time at an increasing pace thanks to the development of color options for blue, green and red color.

Everyone loves organic

Nearly 5% of all food sold in the United States is now organic. It seems little but the trend is growing fast with a risen of sales of 11% to a record $43.3 billion in 2015, outpacing the overall food market’s growth rate of 3%. Thus, the U.S. organic industry recorded its largest dollar gain ever in 2016 with $4.2 billion in new sales.

Vegetables can also be sweet!

With 55% of people making a conscious effort to eat as many vegetables as possible, “greens” are becoming the new stars in our plates, showing up in new categories like juice, snack bars, yogurt and breakfast cereals. Transitioning from savory to sweet, vegetables, allied with fruits, make great new tastes and flavor profiles such as combos with tomato, cucumber, carrot, celery, ginger and beet root.

Sustainability: for my health and the planet’s

Aware of what they eat but also of their impacts on environment, consumers please to think of themselves as exemplary citizens, especially when it comes to the act of buying. Driven by various motivations such as food safety, product integrity and sustainability, they become suspicious due to a spate of food recalls in North America. Thus, trust in matter of ingredients, their sources and their quality is fundamental. New products that are conceived through more sustainable processes are viewed to benefit the common good – especially in the food and beverage industry – motivating consumer purchases.



Low sugar and calories

Local legislations promoting healthier ways of eating in order to fight obesity concerns lead companies to adapt their formulas and consumers to be more conscious about their diet. In 2016-2017, 20% of product launches are low/No/Reduced in sugar and 31% are low/No/reduced in calories, which is above the global average.

Functional and good-for-me

Health is becoming one of the most important priorities and we can highlight a growing preference for beverages containing vitamins, fibers and other functional claims. In Brazil, 34% of Carbonated soft drink consumers would be interested in trying carbonated soft drink with functional benefits (e.g. added fibres, collagen) – rising to 38% for women


68% of people in Latin America are willing to eat more natural and are looking for real fruit content and no/or natural sweetener solutions in what they drink. They want clean label, understand what they are eating and most all avoid artificial ingredients as 74% feel concerned about it.

Local taste

People are looking for products with real stories related to their culture. They will prefer local product with native fruits that are more likely to their traditions




Looking for a specific color shade? Have a look at our full rainbow of natural coloring solutions for delicious and great-looking foods. As a worldwide leading supplier of coloring foods and natural colors, we offer an extensive range of solutions from edible fruits, plants or vegetables adapted to your products.

  • Coloring Foods with clean labeling without E-numbers
  • Replacement of artificial colors with natural alternatives
  • Vibrant and attractive shades
  • Stability in time validated
  • Custom-made solutions
  • "Juice" labeling available


Discover CleanColorsTM:

  • Extended range of high-performance coloring foods,
  • Expertise in agronomy and processing skills,
  • Clean label benefits and immediate recognition by the consumer.
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Want to go further?

Diana Food can also provide additional solutions to naturally boost pleasure and health in your recipe.

Diana Food offers a wide range of inclusions mainly based on fruit and vegetables, providing fruit recognition with visual and taste experience and ensuring real fruit content with clean label solutions.


A healthy range of fruits, superfruits and vegetables for different nutritional needs and claims such as fruit & vegetables equivalences, guaranteed level of actives in natural extracts and foodstuff, and sensorial and health benefits enhancement.


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