Diana Food proposes a range of natural solutions from fruit, vegetables and meat for elaborated meat or seafood based products: cold meat, sausages, burgers, chicken preparations, kebabs, meat cans…

Worldwide insights from local markets




Healthier alternatives

Consumers want to have healthier and balanced diet and seek for alternative health products. While Australia is leading, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Thailand follow.

Brand story

Consumers want to buy original stories behind the products about their origin, ingredients, people who made it and how … Consumers want to share a special connection with their food.

Visual attractiveness

With the explosion of social media use in their everyday life, consumers love to share with their online community what they eat! Therefore, food drives their creativity on visual appealing about colors, shapes and.

Socioeconomic changes in life style

A growing number of consumers are single or separated. That means more and more persons eat alone. Thus, on-line shopping and on-demand delivery services are growing, proposing niche food products with small quantity.


Natural & Clear label

Consumers show a growing aspiration for “no artificial added nitrates or nitrites” and minimally processed products.

Sustainable & True story

Consumers need to be reassured about their food safety after recent quality scandals. Thus, transparency, full traceability and sustainability are essential to restore this trust. For actors of the beverage and food industries, paying a special attention to their sourcing information, detailing provenance, is a real asset to differentiate their product.

Health products and diets

Vegetarian diet is significantly growing in the European market, therefore, veggie alternatives are developped to support consumers in their choice, even if it is only for a few days a week (“flexitarianism” trend). It is now an appealing trend for every consumer who is curious for healthy, flavorful or simply experimental options.
Also, high protein content, low/no/reduced fat & sodium claims are applaused from this growing part of consumers seeking for a well- balanced & healthy diet.

Sensorial and multi-ethnic experience

Thanks to globalization, consumers enconter a plurality of culinary cultures and products coming from all around the world. Thus, they develop a taste for cooking in a “fusion” approach: using exotic herbs, uncommon spices… There are many opportunities to develop ethnic-inspired products that assist consumers by saving preparation time! Fried, roasted, grilled, caramelized…. Long-term success for meat substitutes means switching to a daily choice, accentuating its tastiness, texture & visual appeal.


Natural claim to support health image

38% of the products launched during the last two years are positioned as “Natural”. The “Natural” claims is most of the times coupled to “free from” claims, supporting the image of healthier meat-based products.

Sustainable sourcing

Traceability is key as consumers need to be reassured. That is why sourcing is a decisive factor while choosing processed meat product. Here is a fundamental lever for labels to differentiate themselves as each type of sourcing guarantees a specific quality of meat.

Organic, antibiotics free, humanely raised 

They are also growing claims responding to consumers requirements in this category. Animal welfare claims, for example, has grown 45% per year between 2011 and 2015!/dd>

Culinary diversity

We observe a clear increase in interest for ethnic recipes, offering variety.


Healthy Content

Latin-Americans are more and more aware about health when it comes to food. So, they are looking for products without artificial ingredients such as preservatives or colorants, and claiming a low fat & sodium content. Thus, natural preservatives and Natural colors are the solution to keep competitive on this industry.

Natural & Clean Label

Natural and clean label provide trust. Indeed, 63% of Latin’s are ready to pay more for trustable products, which is sensitively higher than the Global average (62%).

Origin & Sourcing

After some recent safety and quality scandals in Latin America, consumers need to be reassured about their food. Transparency, full traceability and sustainability have never been more important to restore this trust.


Food protection

Diana Food offers food preservation solutions made only from natural ingredients. Thanks to our strong network and the active involvement in multiple-partner collaborative programmes, we ensure the preservation of the sensorial and nutritional qualities and safety of your products over time.

To meet consumers’ requirements for safer food made from cleaner ingredients’ list, we have developed a new range of food preservation solutions thanks to the use of natural alternatives.

Don’t wait any longer to discover our dedicated range!


  • Instead  of synthetic nitrites, we use natural vegetables rich in nitrates.
  • We replace artificial ascorbic with acerola.
  • We insure a natural acidity regulation and mould inhibition with lemon and vinegar solutions.

Want to go further?

Diana Food can also provide additional solutions to naturally boost pleasure and health in your recipe.

Give different and unique culinary profiles to your processed meat products with our wide range of taste nuances. From real vegetables and fruit, meat and seafood or wine and vinegars you can improve the taste of your minced meat, brines, marinades and sauce.


Preserve the freshness and add a bright appealing color to your products by using our vegetable-based solutions, adapted to meat processing, mainly in terms of carmine replacement in sausages.