Diana Food’s wide range of solutions provide to manufacturers of soups, sauces and ready meals the assets to turn their products into a healthy and tasty experience for the final consumer.

Worldwide insights from local markets




Healthier alternatives

Consumers want to have healthier and balanced diet and seek for alternative health products. While Australia is leading, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Thailand follow.

Brand story

Consumers want to buy original stories behind the products about their origin, ingredients, people who made it and how… Consumers want to share a special connection with their food.

Visual attractiveness

With the explosion of social media use in their everyday life, consumers love to share with their online community what they eat!. Therefore, food drives their creativity on visual appealing about colors, shapes and.

Socioeconomic changes in lifestyle

A growing number of consumers are single or separated. That means more and more persons eat alone. Thus, on-line shopping and on-demand delivery services are growing, proposing niche food products with small quantity.


Natural & Clear label

Natural and “less processed” food is more than a trend: it is now a “must have”! Consumers are looking for natural formulations with recognizable ingredients: short, simple & honest ingredient lists with no unnecessary components. Therefore, a premium positioning for labels show a growing attractivity, supported by natural and high-quality of the products.

Sustainable & True story

Consumers need reassurance about what they eat. They aim for a “homemade” feel when its comes to processed food. Thus, we observe an increasing promotion of organic and ethical or environmental claimed products. A greater focus on product sourcing will be key in the future. Offering story-telling about origins and traditions around the product rather than just the product through clear message on company history, product processing, ingredients sourcing is then a lever for growth nowadays.

Better for me and my health

Besides naturalness, consumers are also requesting nutritious and healthy food without compromise on taste, such as products with low sodium claims. Here is a good potential to optimize through communication on pack about the natural goodness and intrinsic benefits of plant-based ingredients.
Consumers are looking for products with higher vegetable content. Claims on pack like ‘1 of 5 a day’ help to send a clear message to health conscious consumers who want to keep a balanced diet and may be struggling to reach their full daily recommended portion of fruit & vegetables.

Sensorial Experience

Consumers are craving for products that are truly authentic and content recognizable ingredients, “just like home”. They aspire for sensory stimulation, with colorful recipes, bolder, culinary tastes... Appearance, taste, but also texture and smell need then to be as attractive & natural as possible.
With many consumers interested in new flavors, we should see more pairings with fruits or original spices for example, as well as ethnic inspired recipes.

New ways of consumption

Consumers need in their everyday busy life, healthy and tasty food that can be easily consumed on the go.
We observe a growing demand for healthy options as speed-scratch solutions leading to more personalisation in home cooking. They present the advantage to control the amount and intensity of ingredients used. Also, there is a strong interest for more filling and nutritionally dense recipes snacks as satiety is a key target for consumers looking for healthy, balanced diet.


Clear and clean label

Consumers want ingredients closest as possible to raw materials and that they could have on their own kitchen shelves. Leading to more premium products and natural claims, labels respond to this need by detailing the provenance and use of the different ingredients in their recipes. That way, they are reassuring consumers as 46% of them prefer to avoid unnecessary ingredients.

Sourcing and Sustainability

Sourcing details is a growing request among consumers as the organic trend is exploding.

Authenticity and ethnic traditions

Consumers are seeking for local and traditional products feeling home-made. But they also crave for new savory experiences towards other cultures’ cuisines, from which they expect higher level of authenticity.

Health and nutritional benefits

For this category of products, health is becoming non negociable. Consumers care about vegetable servings and nutritional claims bringing natural benefits.


Health & Nutritional Benefits

Obesity, overweight and related diseases are becoming a growing public health issue that governments take very seriously by taxing unhealthy products and making product content information mandatory. On this context, habits of consumption are changing and Latin Americans consumers tend to read more closely packaging tags (low fat/low sugar/low sodium) and search for natural healthy products.

Natural & Clean Label

47% of Latin Americans showed that they were ok to pay more for Natural & Clean Label products over last year. Due to this high demand, brands have been changing their products content to stay competitive. Consumers are looking for Natural and free-from claims. Eat Natural – a synonym of health in this region – and be in shape will become a status symbol in 2017.

Home-made profile solutions

Latin Americans want to go back to basics, meaning eat more traditional dishes, reminding them of their culture and childhood, but at the same time, eat natural products rich in vitamins and fibers.
Consumers are more trustful of their own made at home dishes to follow their diets. On this context, brands have a big opportunity to offer quality products ready to cook with natural taste, visual and texture.


The authentic chicken taste

Today’s health-conscious consumers care not only about what they eat, but about how their food is produced as well. They want to make responsible choices without compromising on taste or appearance. At Diana Food, we address these consumer demands with an industry-leading collection of high impact chicken-based products.

Our wide palette of clean label chicken broths, chicken powders, purified chicken fat products and chicken pieces feature an intense profile and consistent taste impact. They are suited to almost any application, from soups, broths, sauces, seasonings, marinades and gravies to processed meats and prepared meals. They even make a great base for natural flavors. We start with the highest quality raw materials, sourced responsibly from our own network of farmers, then process them using kitchen-like methods in facilities in France and the United States for customers around the world.


The intensity of raw vegetables

We developed natural and clean label products, through an innovative solution that renders the original taste of natural vegetables. This innovation was made possible thanks to the perfect union of our know-how: agronomy, sustainable sourcing, cutting-edge technology and expertise in the application of our ingredients to clients’ final products. We offer then a complete culinary experience, combining authenticity, freshness and intensity.



Our minimally processed range provides authentic solutions to intensify the taste of your recipe. They capture the flavor from lengthy cooking steps to deliver the right taste in just one gesture.

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Diana Food can also provide additional solutions to naturally boost pleasure and health in your recipe.

A wide range of shapes, sizes and colors allows you to create an attractive visual impact and various textures in soups, sauces and ready meals. Discover our Authentic chunks which are meat irregular pieces providing a natural hand cut effect.


Diana Food offers a high-performance range of solutions to preserve and extend the shelf life expectancy of your products in a natural way.


Diana Food provides natural colors & coloring foods by covering a wide palette of shades from purple, red, orange, yellow to brown. In response to consumer needs in carmine replacement, discover our natural alternatives with its stabilized redbeet.


Looking for authentic chicken taste?

With the opening of its new poultry site in Georgia, Diana Food is more committed than ever to providing high-quality, high-intensity, authentic chicken ingredients that prioritize animal welfare.

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