We, at Diana Food, propose the widest collection of tasty solutions based on natural and high quality raw materials such as vegetables, meat and seafood, wines and vinegars. From fresh, green, garden-cut vegetable and fruit tastes, to sophisticated meaty savor, we provide authentic solutions to intensify the fundamental aromatic of your dish. We capture the natural flavors from lengthy and time-consuming cooking steps to deliver the right taste boost for your recipes.

Experience the best of nature

Because at Diana Food we listen to consumers, we develop natural and clean label products, through an innovative solution that renders the original taste of natural vegetables. This innovation was made possible thanks to the perfect union of our know-hows: agronomy, sustainable sourcing, cutting-edge technology and expertise in the application of our ingredients to clients’ final products. We offer then a complete culinary experience, combining authenticity, freshness and intensity.


Looking for authentic chicken taste?

Today’s health-conscious consumers care not only about what they eat, but about how their food is produced as well. They want to make responsible choices without compromising on taste or appearance. At Diana Food, we address these consumer demands with an industry-leading collection of high impact chicken-based products.

Our wide palette of clean label chicken broths, chicken powders, purified chicken fat products and chicken pieces feature an intense profile and consistent taste impact. They are suited to almost any application, from soups, broths, sauces, seasonings, marinades and gravies to processed meats and prepared meals. They even make a great base for natural flavors. We start with the highest quality raw materials, sourced responsibly from our own network of farmers, then process them using kitchen-like methods in facilities in France and the United States for customers around the world.


A world tour of culinary profiles

As consumers are looking for authentic tastes through ethnic recipes, reminding them childhood or traveling’s beloved memories, we provide sophisticated savory profiles by developing taste richness and complexity. Thanks to our chefs’ expertise, creativity and inspiration, our recipes are highly elaborated.
Let us tempt you with our most delightful recipes:

  • Soffritto, typical note of finely chopped and sautéed onion, carrot, celery and garlic with vegetable oil
  • Mirepoix, diced onion, carrot and celery cooked together to bring intensity and roundness effect
  • White poultry stock, chicken cooked with aromatic herbs and spice to boost meals and sauces
  • Bisque and Fumet, a crustacean and iodine note of the sea
  • Thai Chili, subtle hotness touch of chili pepper
  • Wok great, ginger top note

Try Ntaste: to boost your recipe naturally!

“Clean Label”, “Better for you” and “Great Taste” are product trends exploding right now on the food and beverage market. Therefore, we have rigorously selected the most adapted raw materials to best respond your consumers’ demands. Thus, our natural taste boost solutions come from the best of Nature allied to innovative technologies.

  • Universal taste intensity & Umami booster
  • Contributes to sodium reduction in application while keeping a great taste (no off-note)
  • Bring roundness, complexity & lingering effect
  • Masking effect according application: acidity, off-notes, bitterness…
  • Clean Label declaration
  • Convenient: easy to handle, easy to store, easy to use
  • Suitable for Baby Food

Making your recipes better for everyone


We all know that taste is subjective: one loves oysters when another hates chocolate! Furthermore, far from being universal, personal preferences in matter of taste depends on cultural and environmental background, education, sensitivity, curiosity and experience. That is why we seek to make our product perform such as they seduce everyone. To do so, we analyze the taste performance of our solutions in more or less simple and complex matrices trough trained panels or by consumer tests.

Want to go further?

Discover our other solutions to boost pleasure and health in your recipes. More than the taste solutions, Diana Food is also able to provide you additional sensorial and nutritional solutions.

Diana Food provides natural colors & coloring foods by covering a wide palette of shades from purple, red, orange, yellow to brown.


A wide range of shapes, sizes and colors allows you to create an attractive visual impact and various textures in your recipes.


A healthy range of fruits, superfruits and vegetables for different nutritional needs and claims : fruit & vegetable equivalences,guaranteed level of actives in natural extracts and foodstuff and sensorial and health benefits enhancement.


Diana Food offers a high-performance range of solutions to preserve and extend the shelf life expectancy of your products in a natural way.


Looking for authentic chicken taste?

With the opening of its new poultry site in Georgia, Diana Food is more committed than ever to providing high-quality, high-intensity, authentic chicken ingredients that prioritize animal welfare.

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