To fit consumers’ busy life style, Diana Food proposes healthy and tasty meal replacements that can be quickly consumed on the go.

Worldwide insights from local markets




Healthier alternatives

Consumers are seeking to adopt a well-balanced diet and aspire to find healthy alternative products. Australia is leading, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Thailand follow.

Brand story

Consumers want to buy original stories behind the products about their origin, ingredients, people who made it and  how … Consumers want to share a special connection with their food.

Visual attractiveness

With the explosion of social media use in their everyday life, consumers love to share with their online community what they eat! Therefore, food drives their creativity on visual appealing about colors, shapes and artful structure.

Socioeconomic changes in life style

A growing number of consumers are single or separated. That means more and more persons eat alone. Thus, on-line shopping and on-demand delivery services are growing, proposing niche food products with small quantity. 


Natural & Clear label

Consumers show a growing focus on higher-quality products, made from natural ingredients.

Sustainable & True story

Providing detailed provenance and sourcing information is definitely on the trend in the snacks market. It is a way for labels to build a story around their product to differentiate it. Some producers build their attractiveness via emotional connection, capitalizing on their products’ provenance and storytelling around their sourcers and animal welfare.

Healthy products and diets

Nowadays, nutrient-dense healthy snacks are on the trend: we want to eat quickly and well, feel fully nourished without gaining any weight… Therefore, we see a growing demand for low/no/reduced fat & calories products but also for high in protein snacks (for meat snacks especially), high fibre ingredients with limited sugar & processed ingredients.

Sensorial experience

Consumers are craving for new taste experiences. That is why there is a growing demand for recipes using spices, herbs, focusing on culinary preparation techniques like roasted, grilled or fried… As well as more and more original recipes replicating ethnic & traditional dishes.


A snack once a day

In the United States and Canada, the snacking category had litteraly exploded between 2010 and 2015, growing of 25%! Indeed, 94% of North-Americans consume a snack at least once a day! The category is driven by the popcorn and meat snacking segments thanks to innovations and a strong health perception. The Category is forecast to grow by 22% by 2022, thanks to solid trends:

Seeking for intense and new tastes

For 38% of consumers, a new flavor- especially when it comes to spicy taste - is the main factor driving the purchase of a savory snack. Indeed, 1 out of 4 consumers is eating more spicy food than - in 2015. Consumers are craving for new taste experiences and new flavor discoveries as 62% of the consumers agree that pleasure remains the main factor for consuming savory snacks.

Healthy and convenient

The snacking category’s growth is coherent with consumers’ concern for their health. They are looking for snacking products, at the same time easy to consume on the go and presenting health benefits such as a high protin content or less salt addition. They believe health and great taste is compatible.

Clear and Clean label

79% of consumers are positively influenced to purchase savory snacks with a short ingredient list of recognizable ingredients.


Naturality & wellness

98% of Latin Americans eat a snack at least once a month. The main reasons of snacking are: 56% pleasure, 37% satisfy a craving, 33% social meetings, 29% for the nutritional benefits and 28% to satisfy hunger between meals. In this context, some brands started to adapt their offer in order to make snacking a healthy pleasure.


The intensity of raw vegetables

We developed natural and clean label products, through an innovative solution that renders the original taste of natural vegetables. This innovation was made possible thanks to the perfect union of our know-how: agronomy, sustainable sourcing, cutting-edge technology and expertise in the application of our ingredients to clients’ final products. We offer then a complete culinary experience, combining authenticity, freshness and intensity.



The authentic chicken taste

Our wide palette of clean label chicken broths, chicken powders, purified chicken fat products and chicken pieces feature an intense profile and consistent taste impact. They are suited to almost any application, from soups, broths, sauces, seasonings, marinades and gravies to processed meats and prepared meals. They even make a great base for natural flavors. We start with the highest quality raw materials, sourced responsibly from our own network of farmers, then process them using kitchen-like methods in facilities in France and the United States for customers around the world.



Diana Food offers a large choice of solutions made from natural ingredients made such as allium ingredients (onions, garlic, and shallots) and vinegar for acidic notes, and meaty, roasted profiles.

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Diana Food can also provide additional solutions to naturally boost pleasure and health in your recipe.

Diana provides real and authentic visual impact in various size and shape.


The natural power of raw material to bring vivid and attractive naturals colors.


Looking for authentic chicken taste?

With the opening of its new poultry site in Georgia, Diana Food is more committed than ever to providing high-quality, high-intensity, authentic chicken ingredients that prioritize animal welfare.

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