We, at Diana Food, provide to the food and beverage industry the best protection solutions from our natural ingredients. Thanks to our strong network and active involvement in multiple-partner collaborative programs, we accomplish our mission: to preserve the sensorial and nutritional qualities of products over the long term to guarantee final consumers' pleasure, health and safety. Nowadays, we all seek access to safer food made from natural and clean ingredients. That is why, at Diana Food, we have developed a new range of food preservation solutions with a named-food label. 


We have designed innovative solutions based on natural acerola as a substitution of sodium ascorbate or erythorbate. Acerola is a superfruit, rich in Vitamin C, containing other antioxidants (polyphenols, carotenoids…), fighting against deterioration.


We also have developed a range of ingredients based on different raw materials, which can be associated with acerola to replace nitrite salts in cured meat: a good option for natural preservation with optimized residual nitrite level and a better and quicker curing.




We bring strong added-value to well-known preservative ingredients such as lemon and vinegar, boosting their preservation properties.

Our development team generally begins with large screening tests to select only the best candidates of active ingredients, focusing on its characterization, understanding of mechanisms etc.

We implement research that provides the best food protection solutions, on regard of market trends and regulations. Our R&D team proceed laboratory tests, accelerated assays in food model systems and performance evaluation in real food application.

Our approach is both scientific and technical to develop our antioxidant and antimicrobial compounds or any active substance useful to delay food degradation, such as anti-browning, mold inhibitors, color stabilizers…

From meat, ready meals to beverage or bakery applications, our range of food protection solutions are scientifically and sensory proven to preserve color, texture and flavor while ensuring safety.

Want to go further?

More than preservation solutions, we also provide additional sensorial and nutritional solutions to enhance your recipes.

Diana Food provides natural colors & coloring foods by covering a wide palette of shades from purple, red, orange, yellow to brown.


Give different and unique culinary profiles to your products with our wide range of taste nuances. From real vegetables and fruit, meat and seafood or wine and vinegars you can improve the taste of all your recipes.


A healthy range of fruits, superfruits and vegetables for different nutritional needs and claims : fruit & vegetable equivalences, guaranteed level of actives in natural extracts and foodstuff and sensorial and health benefits enhancement.


 A wide range of shapes, sizes and colors allows you to create an attractive visual impact and various textures in your recipes.