Diana Food provides to its clients from the food and beverage industries clean label and high-added value solutions that improve sensorial and functional benefits of wet and dry edible products such as soups, sauces, ready-meals, noodles, processed meat and seafood or snacks.


One of our strongest commitments is to offer the most healthy and nutritious solutions. As key actor of our industry, our activities help to provide consumers with the most balanced diet to preserve their well-being. Thus, we carefully select the specific nutritional profile of our ingredients so they can bring the best nutritional benefits, such as high density of protein or vitamins content.


We offer a complete sensorial experience by combining innovative technologies and multi-stream sourcing of natural products. Our range is a creative collection of taste profiles associated to an appealing variety of visuals and colored food items.


Our team of agronomists work all over the world in close partnership with seed producers and local farmers to develop and grow selected vegetable varieties from the best weather and terroir conditions. They pay special attention to ensure that our raw materials present the right characteristics and specifications specified by our clients. In close collaboration with a network of slaughterhouses and breeders, we ensure high standards sustainable farming methods (organic, animal welfare, no antibiotic ever…). Thanks to these long-term collaborations, with more than 20 years of agronomy expertise and close monitoring, we are able to ensure full traceability of our products, building a solid trust relationship with our consumers.

Key figures


Over 20 taste profiles


More than 125 carefully selected raw materials


Over 10 process technologies


Around 15 dedicated R&D experts worldwide


An internal panel trained weekly to assess the product performance

A wide offer of well-being solutions meeting consumer expectations from Soups, Sauces and Ready Meals, Processed Meat & Seafood, and Snacks.

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Looking for authentic chicken taste?

With the opening of its new poultry site in Georgia, Diana Food is more committed than ever to providing high-quality, high-intensity, authentic chicken ingredients that prioritize animal welfare.

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